This Revolution gun safe has made this old paratrooper extremely happy!

I’ve always known Pendleton to be the Champagne of gun safes but that type of custom security was never in my budget if I wanted to stay married. The need and timing was right for a new safe, and I was very close to pulling the trigger on another manufacturer, when I saw the Revolution Series being reviewed by Kyle Lamb and Craig Boddington on the Guns & Ammo TV show. I knew right then if I could get a Pendleton product at a lower price point, I was all in!

For many decades a gun safe was nothing more than a secure box that held your firearms. And while the Revolution safe has a number of traditional characteristics like a dense fire protective wall, thick gauge steel used in the body, and seamless welding, Pendleton has gone above and beyond to reinvent how you store your collection. First, the revolution system is a great way of organizing your collection without having to play gun Tetris every time you want to pull a gun out of your safe. It allows you to rotate the inside of the safe like a Lazy Susan so you can view and handle every firearm within the safe. Second, they make great use of vertical space by stacking heavy duty shelves (How heavy duty? Each shelf half must weigh 25 pounds and is beautifully coated with a scratch resistant paint) on their revolution system that utilizes the entire 72” of height. Finally, the 400 LED lights throughout the safe illuminates every inch of the safe’s interior when the door is opened.

In addition to all of these innovations, the customer service provided by Revolution Safes is excellent. I called on a Friday to review what options I wanted, complete the order and within 10 days was personally called telling me that my safe was on its way. It was delivered (shipping cost included in the quoted price of the safe) 3 business days later and placed exactly where I wanted it in my garage. That type of service was exactly what I imagined I would have received if I had purchased one of their top of the line Pendleton series.

In all….this Revolution gun safe has made this old paratrooper extremely happy!

Henry S.