Dear Mr. Pendleton -

I am writing to tell you how the first year with my Revolution Safe has gone.

I couldn’t be more happy with my decision to go with Revolution. I was REALLY wanting a Pendleton, but after close consideration I decided that the savings were worth it for me. There are a number of options that I thought I couldn’t live without. Now that I’ve had my Revolution for a while it is apparent to me that I made a great decision. I have never had the thought, “I wish my gun safe was more like…” It feels good to have a safe that never leaves me wanting another of different option. It just works.

I have never had such easy access to all of my guns. I used to have to move an armies worth of firearms to finally get to the one I wanted. Now, with a simple twist of the wheel, I have every gun at my fingertips!!! The storage of all my handguns is simple and at the ready.

Thank you Mr. Pendleton for such a well thought out product. It has simplified my gun ownership and made it much more enjoyable.

Sincerely, a very happy customer,

Jason H.